Meet Our Team

COA International is made possible by a fantastic and friendly team of professionals who are the top achievers in their respective fields, grounded in modern pedagogy and tested teaching methods. Together, we are fully committed to helping young people around the world get a top-quality education.

Phillip Baka
Physics Teacher

I am a science educator who is passionate about seeing students succeed and achieve their dreams. My qualifications include a Bachelor of Science degree majoring in Physics and Mathematics, a Bachelor of Education Honours degree in Mathematics and Science Education and a Post-Graduate Certificate in Education.

I have worked at several schools and held various positions, including Head of Department of Science, Director of Studies and School Principal for two years. My experience spans over thirty years, and I have achieved excellent results at all schools where I worked. In South Africa, I had the best students in the country for Cambridge examinations in Physics five times from 2010. One of my top students is completing his studies in aeronautical engineering at the Royal Imperial College of London. I believe every child is capable of achieving their full potential if given enough support.