How To Enrol

Starting the enrolment process at COA International is easy. Help your child to begin reaping the benefits of 800 years of educational excellence associated with Cambridge University from the comfort and safety of your home, wherever you live.
How to Get Started with Enrolment


Application Form

Fill out the easy-to-navigate online application form and click submit.


Enrolment Confirmation

Our Admissions Team will contact you within 48 hours to begin developing a profile for the prospective young learner. An Admissions Team member will chat with you, giving you a chance to ask any questions you might have and learn more about our programs.
They’ll also cover:

  • Course Level Determination
    Our assessment experts will recommend the most appropriate course level for your child, based on their previous school work and courses, as well as more personal assessment about areas where you perceive your child needs extra support.
  • Book Requirements
    You’ll get a comprehensive list of all the course books required for your child’s level.
  • Fees Quotation
    You’ll also be quoted a price for the agreed-upon set of courses appropriate for your child.


Review Contract for Services

Ask any questions you might have regarding our services contract before signing and returning it.



Once the contract is signed, payment via one of our secure payment methods will finalise the enrolment of your child.


Course Books

Next, we’ll dispatch your child’s coursebooks, should you elect to have us procure them for you.


Login Details

A member of our Admissions Team will provide you with your login credentials and instructions on connecting to our system. We’ll also walk you through the login procedure.


Welcome and Onboarding

Before joining live lessons, your child will be invited to join our Online Learning Platform. This induction day provides you and your child an overview of exactly how classes operate. It’s a great opportunity for you and your child to see how things work and ask any lingering questions.