COA International: The Homeschooling Academy for Young Athletes and Performers

In today's competitive world, young athletes and performers often find themselves juggling between their passion and education. Many dream of reaching the pinnacle in their respective fields, be it sports or the performing arts. Yet, achieving excellence in both domains can seem overwhelming, especially within the confines of a traditional schooling system.

Why Online Homeschooling?

Enter online schooling – the bridge that allows these budding stars to excel in both arenas. COA International understands the unique challenges faced by young athletes and performers. Our online platform is designed to provide a seamless education experience tailored to their needs.

Benefits of studying from home with COA International

Flexible School Schedule: Tailored to fit around training, rehearsals, and competitions.

Global Accessibility: Study from anywhere in the world, ensuring continuity in education no matter where your passion takes you.

Dedicated Teachers: Our educators are not just skilled, but they’re also understanding and supportive of each student’s aspirations.

Zero School Misses: With online schooling, every day is a school day, no matter your schedule.

Live and Recorded Lessons: For students who want a structured classroom experience or those who prefer to study at their own pace.

Round-the-Clock Support: Our teaching staff are available to assist with any academic challenges.

Holistic Development: COA International ensures students achieve their academic potential alongside their athletic or artistic pursuits.

Internationally Recognised Qualifications: Our courses lead to IGCSEs and A-levels, recognised by top-tier institutions globally, including the Ivy League and UK universities.

Striking the Perfect Balance with COA International

COA International provides a well-rounded approach to online schooling. Whether you opt for individual private tuition or independent study, you can rest assured that the quality of education remains impeccable. Our live lessons can be tailored to suit your schedule, ensuring that young athletes and performers can get the rest they need without compromising on their academic commitments. And with 24/7 online support, our students always have access to resources and assistance when they need it.

Join the COA International Family

Our commitment to excellence ensures that young athletes and performers don’t have to choose between their passion and education. If you believe COA International is the right fit for your child, we invite you to take the first step. Fill in our application form, and a member of our admissions team will reach out to discuss how we can help your child shine both on the stage and in the classroom.


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