Why choose Homeschooling with COA International?


Expert Teachers

The pool of teachers available at COA International are the top achievers in their respective fields, grounded in modern pedagogy and tested teaching methods.


Individual Private Lessons

Students have the opportunity to engage in fully interactive lessons, working with instructors in virtual classrooms on a 1:1 basis. Students can also benefit from accessing recorded lessons.


Independent Study Courses and Parent-Led Courses

Independent study and parent-led courses offer a structured yet flexible approach to learning tailored to accommodate various learning styles and schedules. Centred around a comprehensive course book, these courses are supplemented by interactive online modules, quizzes, and assignments that encourage self-paced study. A dedicated Student Progress Manager provides personalised support, ensuring students stay on track with their assignments and can reach out for help through the Canvas Messaging System whenever needed. This blend of resources and support optimises the educational experience, fostering both independence and academic success.



The online nature of the Cambridge International Education Programme offers students flexibility in terms of programme structure as well as class types and times.


Cambridge Qualification

Cambridge Qualifications are recognised by universities around the world, including Ivy League universities in the US and all universities in the UK.


Study Skills for Life Courses

We are the only online school offering free Study Skills for Life Courses to all our students.


Counselling and Advice

Our instructors and educators are trained to offer guidance and support on more personal matters as well as formal school subjects.


Direct Interaction

Students can work directly with their instructors, asking questions both during class sessions and afterwards during independent study. Our parent-led courses for primary-level students come with an assigned tutor to provide comprehensive homeschool support.


Widely Available Exam Centres

With over 10,000 Cambridge International Examination Centres in 160 countries, students from around the world will be able to earn their qualifications.


Science Practical Endorsement Sessions

The Science Practical Endorsement Sessions in the UK offer students an opportunity to not only learn in a new environment but also to develop practical skills and gain unique real-world experiences.


Is Online Homeschooling Right For My Child?

At COA International, we combine the power of the internet and cutting-edge apps with the quality of the Cambridge International Curriculum, all packaged in a way that is engaging, accessible, and exciting for young learners. This 21st-century approach to education ensures that no child anywhere on the planet needs to be left out of the promise the future holds.

Online home education, like that offered at COA International, is especially attractive for athletes, performers, and students with special needs. If students have physical or mental health concerns that make attending class in person prohibitive, they don’t need to sacrifice the quality of their education. Likewise, young athletes and performers who need flexibility and global accessibility won’t have to choose between their dreams and their education. They can study their GCSEs and A-Levels online with Cambridge International Online School.

Another great advantage of online education is that any potential physical threats are taken completely off the table. In a world where one out of every five students reports being bullied each year, parents with concerns about bullying or other physical violence in schools can rest assured that COA International provides a safe space that promotes learning in an open, friendly environment.

And with more and more people pursuing jobs across borders – according to recent surveys, there are some 230 million ex-pats around the world – students who do their learning online can seamlessly continue their education no matter where their parents are relocated.

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