What Makes Us Unique

At COA International, we believe the cookie-cutter, assembly-line approach to education is badly in need of an update.

One particular area of focus for us is tailoring each student’s curriculum to best fit with their individual needs. We all learn in different ways and via different methodologies – and we all face our particular challenges. Through plenty of individual attention both in a class setting and outside of class, our instructors and staff make it their calling to ensure that every student feels supported. Students learn at their own pace, and they can interact with teachers, asking questions, and discussing themes related to class as well as other concerns they may have.

A key element of education that often goes overlooked is that students learn best when they are enjoying the class. By making education fun, engaging, and exciting, led by instructors who are the elite in their field, COA International helps to prepare young learners to go onto prestigious universities and to become the leaders of the future.

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