Meet Our Team

COA International is made possible by a fantastic and friendly team of professionals who are the top achievers in their respective fields, grounded in modern pedagogy and tested teaching methods. Together, we are fully committed to helping young people around the world get a top-quality education.

Vladimir Krasniakov BSc (Honours) in Natural Sciences (Physics), Postgraduate Certificate in Education
Director and Founder of COA International, Physics and Mathematics Teacher

My exploration of teaching philosophy began during my own student years. Delving into the works of scholars dedicated to the core principles of learning has been truly captivating. Armed with this understanding, I began assisting fellow students at my school with their studies, and I played a role in enhancing teaching methods by offering individual academic assistance and group mentoring. This commitment persisted throughout my time at the university.

My proclivity for the sciences, particularly my attainment of a Bachelor of Science (Honours) degree in Physics from the university, equipped me to impart this captivating knowledge to others.

I took up my initial teaching role as a Physics instructor at Greenfields School. During this time, I also pursued further education at the University of Buckingham, where I engaged in a Postgraduate Qualification in Education. Simultaneously, I was dedicated to meeting the Teachers’ Standards, all while broadening my understanding.

Collaborating closely with fellow educators and engaging in partnerships with various schools opened my eyes to the prevailing issues of underperforming students and overcrowded classrooms. It became evident to me that the conventional, one-size-fits-all approach to education is in dire need of modernization. This realization gave rise to COA International, a venture with a straightforward mission: to provide high-quality education to young individuals worldwide. My vision was clear from the outset – to establish a nurturing, secure, and encouraging educational environment. I aimed to impart not only the necessary skills and knowledge for academic success but also lifelong learning strategies.

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